Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Than Baby Blankets

In the Spotlight this week is Sisters Deanna and Marian from More then Baby Blankets. In their words:

"We love babies and kids and think they need more than just handmade blankets. They need handmade STUFF! Sleep sacks, carseat canopies, smocks, doll accessories, and places to put their stuff!"


CC: What inspired you to start your business?
Deanna: I started sewing a lot after my daughter was born and became sort of addicted to sewing so much so that I was sewing more things than I needed!  The best way to cure this problem seemed to start a little Etsy shop and post all my excess sewing projects there.  I love that I can sew all I want now and not be like "Oh, now what do I do with it?"  

Marian: I was asked by Deanna and since I LOVE sewing, this gave me a really good excuse to sew.

CC: How does the balance of family and work play out for you?

Deanna:   My daughter is 9 months old and still does best on 2 naps a day giving me at least almost 4 hours of me time.  That's when I get my sewing in.  The shop hasn't been too demanding so far, so it all goes pretty smoothly.  We are attending a Spring Market here soon though, so I have to start stocking up on things!
Marian:  Sewing is more of a hobby for me, not work.  And it's something that my two girls seem interested in...when they are older, I'll be able to teach them while I sew.

CC: Tell us what you envision and dream for the future of your business?
We don't really have any big dreams for this yet.  We are not looking for full time work besides our kids, so this is just a side venture to bring us some "Play Money".  I'd love to get busy enough and big enough that we can keep ourselves sewing without the stress of multiple demands.


CC: Tell us about some new products you are excited about?
Deanna:    I am working on some super cute little animal teething toys right now.  I hope to have them in the shop soon.  Honestly, I get excited about everything I make. I keep dreaming up all these new things I could make and then when I post them all in the shop I think our shop looks so disorganized!  It's all kids stuff though, so I guess that makes it a one-stop-shop kind of place.

Marian: From our own?  I love all our products.  The doll sets are really neat and they are something you can't just buy in a store.  In fact all of our products are things you can't     just buy in any old store.  And I love the fact the all of our products are homemade and thus will last a long time.  They have the guarantee of longitivity that you don't     get with store bought products.

CC: What's your favourite part of your job?
Deanna: Fabric shopping and dreaming up how to use it all!  I love fabric and I love creating and my job lets me do both while still doing my mommy job, staying home with my daughter.

Marian: Sewing of course...and seeing the end product.  I love sewing new things and finding out that I can actually make them well.  I also get very excited when one of our  products sells.

CC:  Do you have a favourite inspirational quote?

We don't really have a favourite quote, but we are definitely encouraged by reading in God's word that we must use our talents to the best of our abilities.  We see this as part of that.  We have a talent for creating useful things with fabric and so we are exploiting that talent and letting others benefit from it too.

You can find Marian and Deanna over at their shop More Than Baby Blankets:


Featured Items

Carseat Canopy's
Sleep Sack's

Watch Me Grow, Quilted Growth Chart's

Crayon Roll's
Made with a space for a paper pad

 Diaper Bag and  messenger bag's

Fleece Backed bibs.

Plush Crinkly Teether Toys

Doll accessory set's


Giveaway Closed

More Than Baby Blankets would like to offer one lucky reader a crayon roll. Winner get's to pick which current roll they'd like from More Than Baby Blankets shop!!
(Does not have to be the same as picture)

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I will use to choose a winner Tuesday March 1 12 noon atlantic time. Winner will be posted here on the blog and will be contacted by More than Baby Blankets.


More Than Baby Blankets would like to offer Creatively Canadian Fans a discount of 10% to their shop. Use code CCREADER10 at checkout.

Thank you so much Deanna and Marian from More Than Baby Blankets for being in the SpotLight.


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