Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Button Scraps

Today in the Spotlight is Desiree from Button Scraps. In Desiree's words

"I am a WAHM of two wonderful boys and another baby on the way. I love sewing and crafts. Button Scraps is hand made baby items as well as scrapbooking items."
CC: How long have you been in business?
     Desiree: Aprox 2 years off and on
CC: What inspired you to start your business?
     Desiree: Having so much trouble finding cute boy stuff and Swaddle Recieving blankets big enough to swaddle my DS who loved to get swaddled for a good 6 months
CC: How does the balance of family and work play out for you?
     Desiree: Really easy right now, I sew in the evening when I feel inspired.
CC: Tell us what you envision and dream for the future of your business?
     Desiree: Share my love of my products with as many people as possible.  I only make things that I think are usefull and or I use.  I would love Button Scraps to be my spending money and substain it's self.  Right now it is mostly a hobby
CC: Do you have a favourite inspirational quote? 
     Desiree: Live Love Laugh and Learn...Don't miss the colours of the rainbow while looking for the pot of gold!  I have tons, I love inspirational quotes
You can find Desiree and her shop Button Scraps at
Featured Items
Monkey Blankets

Tie Blankets

Tag Toys

Gorilla Wraps

Monkey Legs

Soother Clips

Cloth Wipes

Monkey Tails


I had the opportunity to review a Monkey Blanket from Button Scraps. As soon as the package arrived my youngest child (1 yr old) took it as his. My three older children (8, 6 and 3 yr old) also love this blanket! It is the perfect size for infants and toddlers to snuggle with or have tagging along behind them! My youngest likes to use it to play hide & seek, peek a boo and to just cuddle with. Button Scraps has many fabric choices to choose from, we picked the John Deere Fleece. Very soft and comfy for a little one. Button Scraps places a variety of ribbons with different sizes, colors and textures which are great to help stimulate the mind. The craftsmanship of this blanket is very professional. Shipping was fast and communication with Desiree has been joyful. I highly recommend purchasing from this hard working WAHM!!!


Button Scraps would love to offer one of our readers a $5.00 gift certificate. All you have to do is head on over and "LIKE" Button Scraps on Facebook, take a look around her page and then come back here and post a comment letting me know what you would spend your $5.00 on.

Giveaway will close Feb 22 2011 Noon Atlantic time. Winner will be picked using


  1. Already a fan!

    I would definitely get a tagged Monkey Blanket. My son (almost a year old) had always loved tags and would love a blanket WITH tags! :)

  2. I'm a fan. I would either go for a monkey blanket or a monkey tail.