Saturday, January 15, 2011


Today In The Spot Light is Handmade by Heather. In the shop owner Heather's words:

"Adorable and practical handmade baby and toddler products. Blankets, crib sheets, receiving blankets, wet bags, slippers, dresses, soother clips, etc. the possibilities are endless!!"

Creatively Canadian: How long have you been in business?

     Heather: I started spring of 2010

Creatively Canadian: What inspired you to start your business?

     Heather: Sewing is a great passion of mine and I do it because I enjoy it.  Handmade by Heather is small right now but I’m slowly growing it.  I still work part time as a Dental Assistant so making my projects is what I do in my spare time.  But as things progress I hope to build up my little name and product and product line and see where it takes me.

Creatively Canadian: Is there a special place that inspires you?

    Heather: Everywhere! 

Creatively Canadian: Do you have a favourite inspirational quote?

     Heather: Carpi Diem!  Seize the Day! I’m a very driven person and work very hard at everything I do.  I completed two college courses through correspondence while working full time, work 3 days a week, have 2 children, a husband and a dog.  I don’t sit still for very long and I’m always thinking.  So I believe each day is a gift and we must embrace it.

Creatively Canadian: How do you come up with new designs and ideas?

     Heather: My children are my inspiration.  I had my son in July 2007 and he was born almost 7 weeks early.  When we left the hospital 3 weeks after he was born I would take him grocery shopping and people love babies!  They want to look at them, talk to them, touch them.  Me being a neurotic new mom wanted to cover him up (especially if he was sleeping), so I came up with the bucket cover.  I’ve improved it over the years and after having my daughter in 2009 finally I’m happy with my finished product.  I’m still always thinking of new things through my experiences as a mom to make other mom’s life easier.

Creatively Canadian: What's coming up next for you and your business?

     Heather:I’ve been fairly busy with the little bit I’ve been doing but in 2011 I hope to release some new products and just keep moving forward.  I’ll follow this venture wherever it may take me.

You can find Heather and her shop over at

Travel Change Pads & Bucket Covers

Blankets & Car seat Covers

Wet bag
Cozee Toez Crib slippers

Pillowcase Dress

Yoga wrap sweater

diaper bag

Nursing Cover

reversible aprons



I had the opportunity to review a Travel change pad and bucket cover made by Handmade by Heather. When first receiving the package I was in awe at the professionalism of the entire overall product. The quality of sewing was beyond perfect, much better then what you would receive by buying from a large manufacturer. Some of the details that you might not notice at first help make this product stand out. The hand covered fabric buttons, the high quality fabrics and the heavy duty snaps.

The bucket cover has the most unique design. Not only is it capable of covering your little one from the harsh Canadian winters while traveling out doors it will last you years beyond the use of your bucket seat. This bucket cover converts perfectly to a blanket for your child to snuggle up with. It is also great for those times we have mommy and me play dates and you want to lay your child on the floor to play, this cover will work perfect as the tie on straps are removable.

The travel change pad is what every mother needs. It can hold a few diapers (yes even those fluffy cloth diapers) and a small pack of wipes. It all folds up to a nice compact size. It has a heavy duty snap which allows it to attach to the side of your bucket seat or stroller with no worries of it falling off.

I highly recommend purchasing this product from Handmade by heather.

Thank you to Handmade by Heather


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  2. Thank you so much for being in The Spot Light Heather. It was a joy getting to know you and your products better!!!